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Mentor Coaching Program

Wayne Jones

I mentor Corporate Coaches who are eager to learn, determined to serve their clients well, and ready to create a lucrative corporate coaching business.

Areas of Focus of the Mentor Coaching program:

  • Personal Development
  • Professional Growth
  • Business Development

Personal Development:

  • We explore your personal passions, your capabilities, and your career objectives. We address personal issues or barriers. We elevate your personal readiness to enhance your performance in the corporate environment. Our goal is to create a pathway of personal development leading to a level of wisdom that will enhance your personal experience in the corporate world, and the results you achieve with your corporate clients.

Professional Growth:

  • We work together to craft a professional development plan that will bring your corporate coaching performance to a masterful level. We will build your capability in the skills, proficiencies, and the specific corporate coaching tools and processes that you will need for your chosen areas of expertise.

Business Development:

  • We create a business strategy that is personalized and specific to you. We create client programs, develop client proposals, address client issues as they arise, and focus on successful outcomes for you and your client.

Mentor Coaching is for:

  • Corporate Coaches who want to build their skills and grow their business
  • Consultants who want to add coaching to their portfolio
  • Personal Coaches who want to expand into the corporate marketplace
  • Internal Corporate Coaches who want to expand their skill
  • Internal Corporate Coaches who want to transition to External Coaches

As your Mentor Coach I commit to bring all of my expertise and experience to support you as we work together to implement your strategy and bring your vision to life!

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